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The pictures of our natural scenery have not been photoshoped here to Djègbadji

We offer a unique tourism experience that leads you to visiting the Village of Salt, the Mangroves, the Slave Route, the Door of no return, basically the historic city of Ouidah with its wealth, the mouth and the other touristic sites nearby is the island of birds, Place January 10 in Grand-Popo , the thermal spring of Possotomè, the lakeside village of Ganvie.

Djègbadji village in the town of Ouidah is a natural resource, and a valuable site of Benin Republic. Meaning « Salt Village » in French literal translation, locals produce handcraft salt for cooking and other purposes. The village women as daily activity, collect salt in the lagoon of Ouidah. During your stay you can assist the production of salt.


The village is filled with small huts, coconut, baskets filled with sand, green landscape, lagoon but also women who give themselves to one activity: the production of salt. Having drawn the water of the lagoon purified by plants of the mangrove, women pour water from a basket filled with sand that serves as a filter to collect the water which is then heated in earthen ovens.


Under the huts filled with wood and dry coconuts, salt production is ongoing. After evaporation, we obtain the final result that is ready for tasting. Essential in the culinary art, the salt produced is sold by kilogram in bowls.


Several kilometers on foot or by car, between groups of friends of different ages, we invite you to revisit the history of the slave route. This trip is filled with memories enhanced by places of commemoration. In partnership with experienced tour guides, we offer a personalized and interactive experience.


Anchor Point of slave ships, to distant colonies of the Caribbean, Djègbadji beach was the last stop for slaves. A monument named « The door of no return» was built to remember the slaves deported also to symbolize the tragedy of the slave trade. A visit filled with emotions, it is a journey of of recollection and the questioning of humanity.