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Located at the heart of the village of DJEGBADJI in OUIDAH


Hotel Djêgba is an original idea brought by Pierre Monsi-Agboka , a native of the village, is an invitation to a tasteful and unique stay.

Set on the West African coast, boarded on the south by the Atlantic Ocean and by the Sahel desert on the north, is the Republic of Benin. Benin is a peaceful country of many ethnicities among the richest in the world. In this pool of rich culture Hotel Djêgba is situated in the village of Djegbadji (which translates to the village of salt) in the area of Ouidah the great historical city.

Situated at the center of « the city of voodoo»,Hotel DJÊGBA is set between the lac of Ouidah and the Atlantic. Our hotel offers the comfort of the best hotels and the warmth needed for a family stay. Our team of professional is dedicate to offer you a most unique and tailored experience.

We are located 800 m of « La porte du non-retour » in Ouidah, a cultural and touristic town of Benin and less than 40 km from Cotonou.

Stay with us for a beautiful getaway.Treat yourself to fun times now.